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Lesson of the Roe V Wade Reversal

Here are the numbers most relevant to the recent Supreme Court decision overturning of Roe V Wade

  • 59.2 percent of registered voters (nationally) participated in the 2016 Presidential Election.
  • 66.9 percent of registered voters (nationally) participated in the 2020 Presidential Election.

A difference of 7.7 percent.

If 7.7 percent more registered voters had turned out in 2016– it is likelier than not, Hillary Clinton would have been the first woman president of the United States,

  • Mitch McConnell’s obstruction could not have prevented a President Hillary Clinton from elevating Merritt Garland to the Supreme Court.
  • Neither Brett Kavanaugh nor Amy Coney Barrett would have been nominated to the Court.

If Over 18 in 2016 and Didn’t Vote

You share part of the responsibility for the Dobbs V Jackson decision.

I don’t want to see your placards or hear your plaintive cries of “woe’s me”.

I only want you to redeem yourself through ACTION.

Overcoming Dobbs V Jackson — State by State

SCOTUS pushed the issue of abortion rights from the federal to the state level.

Don’t like antebellum, misogynist, downright cruel laws giving your state power over your (or your child’s) body?

Don’t think 21st century women should be punished merely for being born female?

Well then, the mission is to REPEAL THE LAWMAKERS who wrote, passed, or resurrected these draconian laws.

And the governors with whom they’ve conspired.

130 Days To Repeal the Rascals at the Ballot Box (Election) Day

The further down the ballot — say state assembly person versus congressional candidate — the fewer voters vote in the specific race — that’s a fact.

As a result increasing the turnout in a specific state legislative district by just a handful of votes, either way, can change the winner of a legislative seat from smug incumbent to pro-choice challenger.

Time is of the essence. Every day must be a day of old fashioned, local, political activism at the state legislative district level.

  • Knock on doors, send texts, make telephone calls.
  • Set-up voter information tables at local fairs, farmers’ markets, etc..
  • Invite your neighbors for a coffee, tea, or wine to meet and mingle with pro-choice state legislative candidates
  • Use every contact with a potential voter to raise a few bucks for literature, lawn signs etc.. A few dollars make a huge difference at the local level. 
    • Donated dollars increase the likelihood a contact will turn into a vote — they’ve committed.

Smart “politicking”

Can change a state’s political landscape in one or two election cycles.

The (mainly) men who passed these sweeping, punitive state anti-abortion laws foolishly believe women will react rather than ACT.

By the time the rascals realize they’re wrong, it will be too late – too bad, so sad.

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