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Joyce Cordi is the creator and publisher of ReimagineAmerica.org and the host of the Reimagine America weekly radio hour on Northern California’s Salem Network affiliate – AM 860 (KRTB).

Joyce offers insightful context and thoughtful commentary on moving beyond government dysfunction based on her 30 years of hands-on experience managing Fortune 100 business transformation activities – where she added over $2B to client balance sheets.

Clients, colleagues and show guests alike praise her as “brilliant — tempered with a great sense of humor and a big dose of humility.” Some say that she’s a “petite Amazon — fearless when the situation requires”. Her passionate approach engages and inspires her ever-expanding listening audience to take action in working toward effective change.

At just 5-feet tall, she gives new meaning to the term “stand up and be counted”!

In addition to a trailblazing career and raising a family, Joyce has been active in civic affairs, non-partisan and partisan politics since her days as a student at UC Berkeley. She was a candidate for Congress from California’s 15th Congressional District in 2008, urging voters to FIRE CONGRESS, elect more business people and fewer lawyers, in the process accumulating the largest vote total of any opponent against the well-funded incumbent.

A native Californian, she is a long-time proponent of environmental protection, believing that it is not inconsistent for business to be ethical, responsible and profitable in tandem.

Listen to her show on Saturdays at Noon or Sundays at 9 AM or 3 PM

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Your weekend radio show is such a breath of fresh air. Refreshing to hear someone who’s willing to separate fact from fiction and speak up about it.
Emni Ensign, Small Business Owner/Listener

Joyce should be President!

Carmen Martinez, listener

Joyce calls balls and strikes as she sees them.

David Bloomberg, VC
Joyce is the smartest woman I know.
Martha Kanter, Executive Director, College Promise Campaign and Senior Fellow, New York University

Reimagine America takes on the tough issues our nation faces, including the failures of the current healthcare system. Joyce Cordi brings her business experience to the conversation and ensures the solutions offered will both increase quality and confront the affordability crisis families increasingly experience.

Robert Pearl



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