I’m a businesswoman, not a politician.

That said. I am driven to solve problems not make them.

When I read that a staggering eighty percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track – well, that’s a problem!

What I see is America the “corporation” with great products and a great work force, failing under the worst management team imaginable.

This is a “corporation” in urgent need of reform and reorganization before it goes bankrupt.

What America needs is a new governing “business model” – fueled by the same spirit of innovation that brought the world Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

It’s an American right to expect 21st century government that is smarter, smaller and, yes, more customer-focused!

This blog was born out of my frustration with government mired in the middle of the 20th century – it’s outdated, out of touch, bloated and ineffective.

Reimagine America is a resource for American’s who believe in the promise of America. To that end, every week readers will encounter forward-looking ideas – based on proven operating models – that can solve some of our vexing national problems.

Many of the ideas will be drawn from professional and personal experience to illustrate how both the problem and the solution can positively impact us as citizens and taxpayers.

My intention is to provoke your thinking and your involvement – to persuade you to wonder “what if”, “does that make sense”, or “interesting, but there’s a better way”. Ultimately, I want you to trust your own instincts and act on them.

Reimagine America is a forum not a pulpit – a virtual town hall where visitors can quickly engage me, engage each other and engage their elected representatives in a discussion focused on our collective future.

Reimagine America is a safe place to brainstorm the solutions our elected leaders are too afraid to tackle – with common sense, respectful disagreement, and a little laughter.

American ingenuity is not about politics or ideological purity.

It is about each of us shouldering our share of the national responsibility to put American government back on the right track for the 21st century.


Your weekend radio show is such a breath of fresh air. Refreshing to hear someone who’s willing to separate fact from fiction and speak up about it.
Emni Ensign, Small Business Owner/Listener

Joyce should be President!

Carmen Martinez, listener

Joyce calls balls and strikes as she sees them.

David Bloomberg, VC
Joyce is the smartest woman I know.
Martha Kanter, Executive Director, College Promise Campaign and Senior Fellow, New York University

Reimagine America takes on the tough issues our nation faces, including the failures of the current healthcare system. Joyce Cordi brings her business experience to the conversation and ensures the solutions offered will both increase quality and confront the affordability crisis families increasingly experience.

Robert Pearl



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