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How America Wins World War Three (and it’s not a Vaccine)

President Trump has called the COVID 19 Pandemic a "war". If this is a war, we are in trouble. Pandemic has exposed the weak underbelly of the largest economy in the world. The United States of America – in 2020 – lacks the manufacturing and distribution capability to sustain itself during the early stages of a widespread emergency.

What Democratic Primary Candidates Should Be Debating

The media moderators of Democratic presidential debates need to steer the discussion in that direction – toward a discussion that demands a demonstrated, comprehensive command of the serious threats to American national security and economic security. The moderators must seek concrete responses to these macro-level challenges from each aspirant rather than allowing candidates to "skate by" with disconnected 60-second micro-level, tactical plans.

Value of Democratic Presidential Primary Debates Is Debatable

If Democrats cared about good government, heck if Republicans did either – they would find the low viewership of the six presidential primary debates to date with alarm. What's driving the limited value of these presidential debates? The media.


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IN THE NUMBERS THIS WEEK: Jessie Smollett is indicted by Federal Grand Jury on 16 counts Don't worry they all add up to less time than Paul Manafort got – to date Only 22,000 jobs created in February could be a signal – Trade policy and slowing global economic activity are impacting the USA Climate