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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR September 2 – McCain’s Message to USA

John McCain's funeral was an assemblage of American political power – White Male Grey and Thinning Contrast that audience to the Naval Academy Glee Club playing an important role in the service -- Young A blending of male and female voices DIVERSE That's the future of America Megan McCain shouted what is, too often, unsaid

The Folly of August Impeachment Talk

President Trump's business and political associates had a bad week this week. Based on the 16 guilty findings, it is clear the President does not pick the "best" to work for him. It is, highly likely, as Michael Cohen's guilty plea tried to establish, President Trump and his presidential campaign violated at least some Federal


One of my Reimagineamerica team members suggested that this week's show should include a few fireworks: because Wednesday is the Fourth of July! In the numbers this week: 195 – The number of mass shootings in the US so far this year! 1982 – The first year Democrats warned a new Supreme Court judge appointed

Compassion Combined with Enforcement Can End DACA Crisis

The Trump Administration created a "Dreamer crisis" and then gave Congress six months to "fix" the problem. That's not constructive. The Trump Administration must work with Congress to fashion a legislative process which builds the trust of the American people and sets the stage for future legislation to modernize our antiquated immigration system.

How to Stop 644 Americans From Owning US Government

The problem is the public has no idea who these 644 individuals are – by name or interest. We don't know what they expect to gain in exchange for their contributions or how it will affect us. That is information we need in order to vote smartly.