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World leaders assembled in New York this week for UN General Assembly. They were treated to a new America -- a political circus. Thursday's "He Said, She Said" hearing was an unforgettable moment in American politics. It was so low, so vile, so salacious, so unbecoming that some Senators had the good sense to try

REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – September 9 – Senator Ben Sasse

11 Minutes – That's all the time it took Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse to teach a national high school civics class One of the concepts I tried to teach my clients (and my family) is reuse. If some program, process, technique or sweater has worked well in the past – then we can save a

REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR September 2 – McCain’s Message to USA

John McCain's funeral was an assemblage of American political power – White Male Grey and Thinning Contrast that audience to the Naval Academy Glee Club playing an important role in the service -- Young A blending of male and female voices DIVERSE That's the future of America Megan McCain shouted what is, too often, unsaid