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John Kennedy Couldn’t Run for President in 2016!

Itt is unlikely that John Kennedy would have put himself forward as a candidate in 2016. His personal life was just too messy. But 1960 journalism was still the province of ideas and solutions – not salacious gossip. In 2016 "news" has been transformed into a place where entertainment trumps substance. Irrelevant sensationalism discourages the average voter -- concerned about the economic security and physical safety of his/her own family -- from participating. Don't be fooled -- every vote matters -- even if you can't vote for either Clinton or Trump! PLEASE VOTE!


Clinton or Trump or Johnson or Stein -- we are going to have to vote to hire one of them to manage our economy and national security for the next 4 years. They are all imperfect candidates. I want to be persuaded objectively – independent of my emotions and against a common standard which candidate is at least not going to make a bad situation worse. The 2016 Reimagineamerica Presidential Scorecard is designed to help you reach your best possible choice -- objectively. By the numbers!

Vote with Your Business Sense

Scenario interviews accomplish three things. (1) Test the applicant’s skills (2) Test the applicant’s temperament (3) Test the applicant’s judgment. When you vote, you are part of a hiring decision. If you want better government you’ve got to make smart hiring (voting) decisions. You’ve got to pay close attention — see through the smokescreen of wishful thinking and anger. You’ve got to vote with your eyes wide open!

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