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Public Option is Part of Fix for America’s Broken Health Care System

It is an axiom of American politics that Americans reject a public health care option. Rhetoric to the contrary: 49.6 percent of the American people get their health care paid for by a government-run insurance program. The dictionary definition of a public option! Instead of railing against it -- why not seize the opportunity?

Why the American Postal System is Dying

If I had left 5 minutes earlier last Saturday, I still would not know -- and it wouldn't have occurred to me -- the Post Office was holding my mail or considered my mail box somehow illegitimate.

A Single Homeless Veteran Is an American Disgrace – 1.4 Million A National Shame

Indifference is so deeply imbedded in the VA culture that VA sources quoted .. didn't even recognize that they were personally accountable to their fellow human being.