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Value of Democratic Presidential Primary Debates Is Debatable

If Democrats cared about good government, heck if Republicans did either – they would find the low viewership of the six presidential primary debates to date with alarm. What's driving the limited value of these presidential debates? The media.


The only number that matters this morning is 25% -- the percentage of Californians who will not vote in next year's Presidential Primary because they have told the Registrar of Voters they have No Party Preference. Our guest this morning is Jim Rex. Jim is here to tell us that there is a third way

REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – August 19 – Is Free Press Enemy of People?

BY THE NUMBERS: 62% – U.S. adults estimate that 62 percent of the news they consume is biased according to Gallup Poll $800K is chump change to NY Congressman Chris Collins – why risk jail? Astonishingly, the Wall Street Journal argues he should not have been indicted at all!!! Here to discuss these and any

Are There Any Adults In Washington DC?

I find it genuinely shocking that the President of the United States merely stood by and watched the Congress play a week long legislative game of “whackamoo”. This is the end of government of the people, by the people and FOR the people. Instead we have a perpetual campaign were the power of the political party is the basis of legitimacy – rather than power derived from the governed.