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2016 Electoral College Worked as Designed

In the 2016 Election, the Electoral College worked exactly as it was designed. It balanced the interests of the large coastal, consumer-driven cities -- for example Los Angeles and New York -- with the interests of the smaller, producer cities and rural farming and industrial populations The Founding Fathers believed the job of electing a President was too important to be left to the people. Both under the original Constitution and the 12th Amendment, that task was delegated to states – not the citizenry. The Electoral College reflects the popular will of voters state by state -- not across state lines.

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LA Veterans Need Housing Not a Plan

True, earthquake is an ever present risk in California. But the odds of a veteran being hurt by falling debris in pending seismic retrofit VA housing are infinitesimal compared to odds of his being injured, murdered, contracting a serious illness or starving while spending another year or two sleeping on the streets.

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