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The Mueller Report was released, redacted, on Thursday, April 18. I've read 381 of the 448 pages. The report does reveal a sweep scope of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Campaign – Key first impressions: This was a sophisticated attack by the Russian state on the United States of America. The size and sweep

What Congress Should Learn from the Mueller Report

Congress cannot allow the executive branch to "adopt regulations" intended to insulate itself from the forceful congressional oversight the Founding Fathers enumerated in Article One of the Constitution.

Trump versus the People

Accepting the Republican nomination, Donald Trump promised to be the "voice of the forgotten" American. But he has forgotten that promise. The Trump Cabinet agenda includes some praise worthy ideas and initiatives but they are completely subsumed by President's impetus behavior, incoherent tweets, and blatant nepotism. This cannot go on unchecked by Congress.