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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – August 26 – Thoughts on the Passing of John McCain

A few words on the passing of Senator John Sidney McCain. If it had only been a Vietnam War Hero – he would be an American hero. But the Senator went from his service in the US Navy to 30 years of service to our men and women in uniform as Senator from Arizona. He

Health Insurance Drives Sky-Rocketing Health Care Costs

Recently my allergy doctor suggested a vapor treatment for my pollen-driven tightened chest. I said okay. It never occurred to me to ask how much does the treatment cost because I won't get a bill. The charge will merely be an object of curiosity when the insurance company sends me an explanation of benefits they paid. If the insurer is required to pay – no questions asked – for tests and treatments, our profit-making health care eco-system is going to prescribe more at a higher cost each. That leads directly to rising insurance premiums. If I had to pay the bill for that treatment, I would have asked more questions about the cost and efficacy.

Civil Service With Coercive Powers Threatens Our Democracy

It’s not our politicians who govern today. It’s a multi-million member Civil Service that is anonymous, unelected, and largely unaccountable. They can confiscate our property or throw us in jail if we don’t pay and obey! Didn’t we rebel against King George III for just the same behavior?