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Today is day 23 of the Federal Government Shutdown In the Numbers This Week: 800000 government workers didn't get paid on January 11 even though more than half of them were required to work. Those include Border Patrol, TSA Agents and Air Traffic Controllers. Who is not working – the FDA Food Inspectors who keep

Proposed FDA Nutrition Labels Send Wrong Message

FDA bureaucrats just announced new draft federal regulations requiring that food manufacturers recalculate the average serving size to better reflect the current level of consumption. This is the dietary equivalent of telling an alcoholic it is okay to drink in moderation.

FDA Proposal: Genuine Chinese Chicken In Your USA Salad

ineffective, inefficient FDA bureaucratic bungling could result in authentic Chinese (cooked chicken) in your chicken salad it's an illustration of how our government operates daily – narrow bureaucratic silos of function, unaccountable and out-of-date. expensive, wasteful and dangerous