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It's Cinco de Mayo – so whether you are Mexican-American, a Jimmy Buffett fan, or just ready for a little Sunday – today everyone lives in Margaritaville. There is the BOOMING Number: That's the economy. April payrolls grew a cracking +263k!!! Unemployment down to 3.6% Revisions added another +16k jobs over the past two months.

REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – January 27 and February 3 Listener Responses

 Our guest today is Eric Early, 2018 candidate for California Attorney General. The only practicing attorney in the race. Mr. Early's candidacy was based on his belief that Californians deserve an ATTORNEY General who wants to do the job he/she was elected to do. Californians deserve a real attorney, and not a politician masquerading


ENDING WELL FOUNDATION From the moment we are born, we are on the path to dying – all of us – and while we all hope for a long and productive life – there is (in the end) no way to predict the length of life. But it is something we must all prepare for

A Crucial Balancing Act: DACA and Enhanced Border Security

Securing the border along with resolving the legal status of Dreamers who have been living in the shadows of America for many years would build public confidence in the government's ability to manage our immigration system. Public confidence is the necessary pre-requisite to a comprehensive 21st century immigration reform plan.

Public Option is Part of Fix for America’s Broken Health Care System

It is an axiom of American politics that Americans reject a public health care option. Rhetoric to the contrary: 49.6 percent of the American people get their health care paid for by a government-run insurance program. The dictionary definition of a public option! Instead of railing against it -- why not seize the opportunity?