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An Argument in Favor of a Part-time California Legislature

Now that the elections have passed and Californian's have returned to their long commutes, too much coffee and fires burning across the state, it's time to consider a serious topic: The questionable efficiency of our state legislature. California is home to about 11% of the total United States population but the 120 member California Legislature

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What Congress Should Learn from the Mueller Report

The Mueller Report is complete. But that is the only thing that we, the American people, really know about the report's findings at this moment. Beyond the announcement of the report's submission to the Attorney General Barr and his subsequent letter outlining the report's "principal conclusions" everything else is pure conjecture and interpretation. When President

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Only the USA Congress Can Save the Kurds

To the 535 Members of Congress: In the face of an impending genocide, impending ethnic cleansing of Syrian Kurds -- green lighted by the White House, thoughts and prayers are totally inadequate. DO SOMETHING! Stand with the rest of the rules-based world, our NATO and SEATO allies, and sanction Turkey into immediate withdrawal. Our allies

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