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June 12

Ending the "collusion with any foreign government" in a campaign is easy.  Congress should pass a one sentence law:  If a foreign government contacts a political campaign or candidate in any way, it is a violation of US campaign law not to notify the FBI within 12 hours.

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Reimagineamerica Radio Hour – May 25,2019

Torrents of cold rain and winter winds on Memorial Day.   Are we experiencing climate change or just feeling the Founding Fathers whirling in their graves over the shenanigans in Washington this week? Plus In the Numbers This Week: $16 Billion in Farm Subsidies $19 Billion in Emergency Relief Funds Stalled by ONE GOP House member


Welcome to the Reimagineamerica Radio hour – No immigration plan that does not make "fixing" the current situation first makes any sense, does it? Here to help us to answer that question and others is Mark Krikorian, a nationally recognized expert on immigration issues, has served as Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! But before we go to brunch, a few serious moments – We are joined by intelligence strategist Dan Trimble to talk about why when we – as civilians – and our government talks about "critical infrastructure" nothing is more important than hardening our electric grid against


It's Cinco de Mayo – so whether you are Mexican-American, a Jimmy Buffett fan, or just ready for a little Sunday – today everyone lives in Margaritaville. There is the BOOMING Number: That's the economy. April payrolls grew a cracking +263k!!! Unemployment down to 3.6% Revisions added another +16k jobs over the past two months.

April 23,2020

The ongoing investigations joined between the White House (Article II) and the Congress (Article I) will render the American people unwilling spectators to a pitched battle for raw political power  with consequences lasting far beyond 2021.

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The Mueller Report was released, redacted, on Thursday, April 18. I've read 381 of the 448 pages. The report does reveal a sweep scope of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Campaign – Key first impressions: This was a sophisticated attack by the Russian state on the United States of America. The size and sweep