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Will Trump Administration End before February Does?

Melania Trump’s decision to remain in New York until late spring may turn out to be prescient. Donald Trump may be joining her in New York sooner than any of us thought possible.

Every new administration makes a certain number of “rookie” mistakes in the first few weeks in the White House, but the Trump Administration’s errors in judgment and substance have no historic precedent.

This administration has become a Saturday Night Live skit – rendering the television show’s weekly realistic rather than comedic recaps – all-the-more frightening.

Many were alarmed by the chaos of the first two weeks that included unnecessarily inflaming our relationships with Mexico, Canada, China and NATO.

Twitter and other attacks on the judiciary were rebuked by the Administration’s own Supreme Court nominee.

On the Sunday news shows, junior adviser Steven Miller — made a maniacal claim that President Trump’s national security powers “will not be questioned” instead of apologizing for the botched rollout the President’s refugee pause. His performance was chilling rather than reassuring.

National Security Adviser – General Michael Flynn — deliberately lied to the sitting Vice President of the United States but was only forced to submit his resignation three weeks later after government officials “leaked” the facts to the Washington Post.

White House Chaos

It is axiomatic in our history that military leaders do not speak in public about their civilian leadership.

But only days after a meeting with President Trump, General Tony Thomas, the head of Special Operations Command, put his job on the line saying at a military conference “our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil” while the nation is at war.

The general speaks for many in government and out.

It is apparent to anyone who has any management experience in either business or government that this White House lacks all the requisites for success – a strategy that the nation “buys into”, an experienced, competent, honest — and in this case unquestionably patriotic — leadership team and a disciplined management process.

Reorganize or Resign By February 28

Speaker Ryan has invited President Trump to address a joint session of Congress on the evening of February 28,2017.

If the President cannot turn White House disorder and disarray into order and calm plus resolve the lingering questions about both his and his aides competence and loyalty to the Constitution – his speech to Congress should be cancelled.

Instead he should resign.

In order to avoid a constitutional crisis the President needs to take a deep breath and start over again. He has to have the humility to ask for advice and help.

He has to have the good sense to follow the advice – especially when it comes from multiple sources within his inner circle, his administration, his political party, and from his constituents.

If I were Chief of Staff today, I’d give the President six pieces of advice:

  1. Lose the Twitter Account! Public policy cannot be conducted by stream-of-conscience.
  2. Develop a “thicker skin”. Whatever the issue, it’s really not about you, it’s about the American people
  3. Build on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Be a CEO — delegate operational management to (COO)Mike Pence retaining responsibility for setting the strategy, making “big deals, and messaging.
  4. Engage the “Presidents’ Club”. Ask each of the five living ex-Presidents for their candid advice and their help in finding the experienced people needed to “shore-up” the administration.
  5. Develop positive working relationships with leadership of both parties in Congress.
  6. ABOVE ALL, come completely clean today about any relationships with Russia or Russian interests that you, your family, your campaign team or anyone remotely associated with your government has now or has ever had.

Breach of Trust

If you are to govern the United States and to have the respect of world leaders – friend and foe, alike – you must have the absolute trust of the national security and intelligence communities and the American people.

Leaks over the past few days from various intelligence sources to respected news media outlets are nothing short of alarming. The leakers claim they are withholding information for fear that sensitive intelligence could be compromised.

Congress and the FBI must have immediate access to whatever people and documents are required to conduct public hearings that will allay the concerns of all Americans about any possible connections to Russian intelligence organizations and personnel by any member of your campaign team, the Trump Corporation, the Trump Administration or Trump family members.

This includes release of all Trump tax returns!

With all due respect, Mr. President, if you are not willing to cooperate completely to resolve all possible conflicts that could compromise the Trump Administration in dealing with the Russian government – at noon on February 28,2017, you should board the Trump Inc. plane and return to your private life in New York.

We’ll be just fine without you!

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