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Well televised fire, fury, and bedevilment just extends and intensifies the hyper-partisanship in both Washington and Sacramento that gets in the way of solving any of the vexing problems facing our nation.

  • Like Congress getting its act together passing a rational immigration bill that protects our sovereignty
    • Recognizes reality
      • Enshrines DACA protections in law
    • Secures all of our borders
    • And creates procedures that separate economic migration from refugee status
      • Including dealing with the “diversity lottery”
    • Such a bill would be a small down payment on a comprehensive immigration reform plan –
  • Because in business we know that we do the difficult before we do the impossible –

This Week There Are Many, Many Immigration Numbers

  • 50,000 migrants a month = 600,000 a year or 6 million a decade
    • Not all from Latin America
    • Congo, Cameroon and other African countries are represented at the points of entry attracted by the relative ease of entry once have made a claim as an asylum seeker.
      • No pesky visa is required
  • 2300 traumatized children
  • 4.1 million Central American migrants worldwide – 3.4 million are in the United States
    • 1.2 million in the last decade
  • The greatest concentration of Central American migrants – according to the Migration Policy Institute are located in California – over 800,000
    • 564,000 in Greater Los Angeles
    • 110,000 in San Francisco and East Bay
    • 73,000 in the Inland Empire – east of Los Angeles
  • But the next largest concentrations are in New York, New Jersey and Florida
    • Could that be why Department of Health and Human Services is housing migrant children in those states?

$500,000 “investment” buys a Green Card

1 Year – length of Chinese graduate student visas causing Congressional consternation

100 miles from any land or sea border – is ICE territory

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