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World leaders assembled in New York this week for UN General Assembly.

They were treated to a new America — a political circus.

Thursday’s “He Said, She Said” hearing was an unforgettable moment in American politics. It was so low, so vile, so salacious, so unbecoming that some Senators had the good sense to try to walk back some of the damage on Friday morning.

No such luck in the media. Anyone coming out of the 35, 30, 29 year old wood work is now bandied about as truthful, as evidence. No FBI 302 is required.

I’ve heard talk of the THE POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION in US politics for most of the 21st century — but on Thursday, September 27 I saw it — and so did 20% of the world’s population!

The tragic debasement of two sincere people by a dais full of politicians — many who plan to seek the Presidency in 2020 —  they don’t deserve consideration.

I suggest we, the people, make sure that anyone who participated in this CIRCUS is removed from Presidential consideration in the first primary or caucus they enter!

We must take back our government, we must demand an example of decency and humanity in our leaders, an oath to country over party from anyone who seeks to participate in our government at any level!

In The News This Week:

No, Mr. President — the UN General Assembly was not laughing with you.  They were laughing at you (and us)!

  • The 1920s and 1930s called — they want back their mistaken economic and national security policies

Senator Diane Feinstein covered herself in disgrace.  Both Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh deserved privacy and due process in investigating any 36 year old claims of sexual impropriety.

  • The Democrats want to hold the Kennedy seat open until after the next Presidential election if they can
  • They will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal
  • Diane Feinstein’s role in this debacle raises questions about whether the voters should give her another 6 year term in Washington
    • Did she sandbag this information as the last emergency ploy to stop the Kavanaugh nomination?
    • Does she not have control of the actions of her staff?

And two innocent families are left in tatters!


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