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In the numbers this week:

750,000 of 1,000,000 – the number of copies of the Woodward book FEAR about President Trump sold last Tuesday, the day it was released! Will there be a second printing?

750,000 American jobs can disappear in the next twelve months due to President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs – alone

10% — the new tariff target President Trump intends to impose on $200M of Chinese goods with $265 Billion in the wings – and the Chinese have sent their regrets to an invitation for new trade talks —

Two (2) serious head injuries the day before – Governor Brown signed a new state law allowing commercial use of electric scooters without wearing a helmet

Four (4)people identified by Christine Blasy Ford of attending a post-country-club party sometime in the early 1980s tell Senate they cannot corroborate her story of sexual assault


Last week I talked about my takeaways from the first 224 pages of Bob Woodward’s new book FEAR – about the Trump White House –

Really nothing new here – I thought.

But listeners said they wanted to hear about the final 130 pages –

  • That way you will be “in the know” – as they say. You will, also, save yourself a little or a lot of money
    • Anywhere between 99 cents on e-Bay and $18.00 on Amazon (Kindle version is $15.99)

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