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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR September 2 – McCain’s Message to USA

John McCain’s funeral was an assemblage of American political power –

  • White
  • Male
  • Grey and Thinning

Contrast that audience to the Naval Academy Glee Club playing an important role in the service —

  • Young
  • A blending of male and female voices
  • That’s the future of America

Megan McCain shouted what is, too often, unsaid or merely whispered in private in the Senate Cloak Room –

  • America IS
    • It does not need to boast
  • America DOES NOT need to be GREAT AGAIN –
    • It is GREAT –
    • It is the largest economy in the world
    • And it invests in the world
    • It has been the world’s dominant force for good since the experiment in Representative Democracy began 240 years ago

From Joe Lieberman, George Bush and Barack Obama spoke of the Senator’s Love of Country, Honor, Sacrifice, Conscience – and the political leadership of America listened –

  • Did they only hear the words spoken or did they
  • Also, feel the late Senator’s passion to serve a cause greater than himself?
  • Will the Senator’s memory soften the bitter political calculus of our time – at least for a few days?

No Numbers This Week –

  • Except to note that in the 1950s – 75% of members of Congress had served in uniform during hostilities and today it is less than 20% —
    • They did big things for country from National Highway System to Medicare through team work and compromise
      • The understood team work and compromise
        • There are no atheists in a fox hole
        • Nor are there racists.

Hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) begin on Tuesday. Expect Fireworks!

  • What is a conservative judge –
    • A judge who follows law and suggests to the Congress the changes that need to be made in compliance with the Constitution.
    • Not a judge who reads polls and makes law instead of instructing Congress to remediate the law they wrote (or should have written)
    • Since when has “conservative judge” become a pejorative?

It baffles me why anyone in American government would want to BULLY Canada?

  • Canada and the US have the longest undefended border in the world
  • As technology began to shrink the world in the late 19th century and forward
    • Canada has been our most trusted ally

Vince and I did a little politicking – its going to be Florida, Florida, Florida all over again!

  • In the Governor’s race, a Trumper in feigning-good-standing gets an unexpecting challenge from the young and telegenic mayor of Tallahassee
  • The Senatorial race between current Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Senator Bill Nelson may well determine the outcome of the gubernatorial contest –
    • Rick Scott is the most popular politician in Florida

And we’ll be back next week!

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