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And RESULTS is what you and I should expect from our government and aren’t getting!

We are truly privileged to have with us today Jonah Goldberg popular American conservative syndicated columnist and author.

I wait every Friday for his weekly G Letter from the National Review – where he is a Senior Editor – commenting with passion and humor about politics and culture and sharing video tweets of his dog’s antics.

Mr. Goldberg is the author of two books currently in print or e-book form:  Liberal Fascism, A Secret History of the American Left, and The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas (2012).

His third book, The Suicide of the West, is due out in late April, 2018.  You can pre-order a copy at Amazon.

But if you want to learn more sooner, Mr. Goldberg will be the guest of the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley on Tuesday, October 10.  Tickets and information are available at

Jonah, your new podcast, The Remnant, debuted this week.  At first I thought the title came, not as you suggested from a Jewish fabric store, but from the Hebrew Union High Holy Day Prayer Book –

But you clarified, quickly, that the title comes from your intent:  to reach a mass of people who feel like this whole thing is crazy – who feels like country is on a demolition derby –

  • It’s a frighteningly accurate analogy
    • How did we get here?
    • What are we going to do about it?
      • Can the current debacle in Washington continue for 3 ½ more years?
      • What could possibly replace it?
    • There is a political center in this country – I meet it every day while doing ordinary things but it seems to have lost its voice – thrown in the towel, so to speak
      • Has the political center of America (as Suicide of the West appears to warn) gotten lazy, or is it
      • too focused on trying to cling to some vestige of the American Dream
      • or has it been cowed by the loudest voices


Las Vegas – Why, you ask?

Do you know what your State Legislator has been up to lately?  If I told you opening the door to the possible parole of Charlie Manson you’d say I was crazy but stay tuned. I’m not!

$1 million “liar” real estate loans – yes, they are back!


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