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Two weeks ago four American Army Rangers were killed in (what is said to be an ISIS-inspired) ambush in the African nation of Niger.

Few of us even knew that US troops were involved in a training mission in Niger.  Heck – we did know where Niger was!

Niger is in north central Sahara of Africa.  It shares a northern border with Libya and Algeria.  Our involvement began in support of a French counter-terrorism force trying to bring stability to the weak government of Niger but

As time went by, Niger developed into a drone base for US operations.  Today there are 800 troops – mainly involved in the building of a second drone facility.

The specific circumstances of the attack, during a assumed-to-be low risk, counter-terrorism visit to a remote village, remain under investigation.

One of those questions may be why was Sgt. LaDavid Johnson with the team.  He was a support Army Ranger not a counter-terrorism Green Beret – as were the majority of the members of the ambushed team.

We do know that both French regular army and American contractors were involved in the rescue of wounded Americans and retrieval of the four fatalities.

We, also, know that Sgt. Johnson was not found with the other three American fatalities but we do not know what happened or how they were separated.

While Sgt. Johnson’s name has been a headline for most the last week, I had to look hard to find the names of the three other service members killed.

  • Staff Sgt. Bryan Black
  • Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright
  • Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson

Sgt. La David Johnson has become a household name only because he has become a “political football” between President Trump and Florida Representative Frederica Wilson.

The role of the President and the Congresswoman in this tragic situation is to offer comfort to the family on the part of a grateful nation.

A son, husband, father and patriot died in an African jungle last week — in the “service of his country”.

Sgt. La David Johnson looks, in his family photos, like a man who loved his family, his country and life – itself.

We want to know about his life — what motivated him to join the military.   Why he choose the difficult task of earning a paratrooper badge?

As Americans we should CELEBRATE his life and by celebrating it — bring comfort to his widow, his children and his parents.

We should want to CELEBRATE the lives of all four of the victims of the Niger Ambush – we must do what we can to bring comfort to their families, as well.

Yes, they volunteer – out of love of country – but the heart break for their families is not lessened by the fact they were doing what “they loved” for “love of country” and a sense of duty.

Instead we are caught in the middle of a contest between two political narcissists.

I am sure that President Trump, empathy challenged as he is, wanted to do the right thing.  I am sure the Congresswoman thought she was helping the family.

This political back and forth is a national shame.

That is the only reason that General Kelly came to the White House Briefing Room on Thursday.

  • There is no right, no wrong
  • Trump should have not justified himself in responding to a reporter’s question
  • Wilson should not have listened to a private phone call to which she was not invited –
    • Megan McCain, on The View, asked Ms. Wilson the correct question. Why did she feel it was her right to repeat a private conversation for political gain – she has introduced a bill to impeach President Trump.

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