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Today marks two weeks since the Massacre at the Highway91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

The timeline of events is shifting – could the police have gotten there sooner?

The FBI is still unable to determine a motive for the gunman’s rage.

And Congress is still cowering in the face of the National Rifle Association.

Let’s stipulate two things:

  • The Second Amendment to the US Constitution protects the legitimate individual right to own a gun.
  • Anton Scalia – the strictest constructionist Supreme Court Justice of the 20th and 21st centuries wrote in the Heller decision that the amendment does not grant an “absolute right”. Writing for the majority, the Justice said that government can impose legitimate limitations (carry permits) on gun owners in the public interest.

The absolute least that a member of Congress can do and feel justified in running for re-election is to vote to outlaw bump stocks.  If you member of Congress is not willing to take that one, tiny rational step to protect you and your family – then what else will that member do for other special interests that put your livelihood, your life, your future at risk?

But I don’t think it is enough to outlaw novelty bump stocks – merely reaffirming 1934 legislation against fully automatic weapons.

Let’s talk for just a moment about the ammunition that the shooter used in Las Vegas.   The 308 caliber armor piercing bullet has only one purpose – it’s in its name.

These bullets are designed for the single purpose of killing people.  You don’t need to take my word for it – I asked a couple folks I know who are in law enforcement.

These bullets were able to kill people nearly a third of a mile from the end of the rifle that fired them.

One of the hunters I talked to this week chuckled – “I can’t even see a deer a third of a mile away” – “besides the deer doesn’t have any armor” – nor, would I add, does an elk or a bear or any other game animal I can think of.

So, why can’t Congress limit and license the sale of this incredibly powerful weapon – as it does fully automatic weapons – to law enforcement and the military?

  • A two minute Google search found countless outlets that advertise these bullets for sale 1000 bullets in a package.
  • What legitimate hunter needs 1000 bullets – let’s give the poor deer a chance at least!

If you disagree, are you willing to come on the radio and explain why such powerful ammunition should be readily available to anyone with a credit card?   Contact me at or on Facebook at reimagine-america.

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