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From the moment we are born, we are on the path to dying – all of us – and while we all hope for a long and productive life – there is (in the end) no way to predict the length of life.

  • But it is something we must all prepare for
  • I like to think of it as I do an umbrella
    • It’s a certainty that if I don’t take the umbrella, I will need it
    • But if I have it, I can go about my day without worrying whether or not it will rain
      • I think of my DNR in much the same way
      • We’ve discussed it, I’ve signed and filed it
      • Now I can go on living – for a long time I hope
  • Here to talk with us about Ending Well –

Also In the Numbers This Week:

84 and 3 – The current death tolls in the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire (s) respectively. 500 – Remain missing

39 – 40 the number of seats the Democrats have flipped in the House of Representatives – thumping, shellacking or, if you prefer, “Everything Trump Touches Dies”

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