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And for the third time in a mere 6 weeks we must begin by remembering the victims of a senseless mass murder.

This time it happened within the sound of my voice this morning. Tehama Ranchero is just north of Chico and well within the range of the 860TheAnswer signal. We send our deepest condolences.

This time it happened before all of the victims of the Sutherland Springs, Texas Massacre had even been buried.

It was a month from Las Vegas to Sutherland Springs. A mere two weeks from Sutherland Springs to Tehama Ranchero.

How long will it take before it happens again?

Condolences, sympathy and words are not enough. The pattern is alarming and something must be done.

There is a pattern, here.

  • An alienated man
    • Reports of psychological disturbance
    • Alienation is not new to these types of crimes but the fact that two of the recent shooters were older white men is a new factor.
  • An AR-15 semi-automatic gun
    • The first two we know where purchased legally
    • The most recent still being researched
  • A huge supply of high caliber ammunition quickly loaded and reloaded using high capacity ammunition magazines.

It is a pattern that cannot be allowed to continue.

The deaths of 87 completely innocent people in a mere six week period must finally be the call to action that Stony Hook, Tucson, Aurora, Orlando, San Bernadino and 10,000 other annual homicides by gun in the past decade were not.

In the News This Week:

Gun Control Bills Introduced in Congress but quickly eclipsed by revelations of Sexual Harassment of staff and interns in those very hallowed halls.

Tax Reform – there’s no reform in these bills because real reform would take a serious bi-partisan effort at governing.

There’s a Pattern of Sexual Harassment in Congress Going Back Decades – If you are surprised you have not been paying attention –


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