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Hugh Hewitt, who is heard Monday through Friday on this network from 3 to 6 AM – or via podcast – wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post this week titled “The profit-fueled rise of partisan journalism is tearing America apart”.

He argues the 2016 election produced two channels (he calls them rivers) in US media.

  • “One of those rivers is thoroughly inundated with anti-Trump #NeverTrump debris and sediment. The other is almost wholly free of those ingredients.”
  • “It isn’t just cable news, though MSNBC and CNN are mostly in the former and Fox News almost wholly in the latter. The ‘two rivers’ effect is mostly the result of the self-selected flows we direct ourselves to –
  • “News consumers” (he warns) “have to consciously seek out the other wellspring to make sure they aren’t isolated from 40 percent of the country’s views and heartfelt beliefs”
  • Hugh Hewitt shares my profound concern about the power of Facebook, especially, but also Twitter and Reddit to manipulate your thinking for their profit!

I hope that this weekly hour is, at least, a pontoon bridge across both of those rivers – a common sense analysis – that, at least leaves you with a certain amount of cynicism about the motives of both the politicians and the press!

In The News This Week:

House Intel Releases Democrats Respond on FISA Abuses – we’ll have to wait for the Mueller investigation or the Senate Intelligence Committee to figure out what really happened.

Congress and Guns – 5 million NRA members versus 81.3 millennials

TARIFFS – Trade wars are both unnecessary and harmful to you and me – the American worker and consumer!

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