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This week the Republican majority in Congress shrank to 23 seats

– still enough to pass legislation and send it to the Senate to die – but a clear warning sign for what could happen in the November election.

Conor Lamb won Pennsylvania 17 by 700 votes despite an 11 point Republican registration advantage in the district.

The talking head world started asking late Tuesday night as the race unfolded –

  • Did Trump lose the election –
  • If yes, by how much –
  • Conservative “never Trumper” John Podhoretz (of Commentary) pointed to evidence suggesting President Trump Saturday night rally may have helped – i.e. that Lamb would have won by 3 to 5 percent (rather than .7 of 1%) if the President had roused his “base”.

Some commentators have suggested Conor Lamb “ran as a Republican” (a suggestion first made by Paul Ryan in his (Wednesday) morning after remarks – but that is just trying to put lipstick on a pig!

What Else is In The News This Week:

The NRA versus the Millennials: The Score is Millennials 2.5/ NRA 0.5

The Administration Finally Imposed Additional Sanctions on Russia — Still, where’s the outrage?

And then there is

Stormy Daniels

— Absorbing all the news media while international and national issues remain unresolved by President or Congress

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