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  • Jessie Smollett is indicted by Federal Grand Jury on 16 counts
    • Don’t worry they all add up to less time than Paul Manafort got – to date
  • Only 22,000 jobs created in February could be a signal –
    • Trade policy and slowing global economic activity are impacting the USA
    • Climate Change (huge, repetitive storms across the country) have an impact on hiring/the economy
    • There is no cause for panic yet, but perhaps a preview of things to come if our leaders don’t stop bickering and start fixing —
      • As James Rex pointed out last week – Politicians make promises to get our vote and then spend the next two, four or six years worrying more about re-election than resolution of your problems!

Our guest today is Rob Long – a TV writer and producer, author, radio host and journalist. He has worked on Kevin Can Wait and was the writer/producer of the popular 80’s sitcom Cheers among others.

Bob is a contributing editor for National Review and, also, a contributor to Time, Newsweek International, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

Rob hosts the syndicated radio show Martini Shot, where he provides news and opinion on the film industry. He also hosts the Ricochet Podcast on the subscription based podcast network Ricochet – formatted to encourage thoughtful center right commentary and discussion.

Rob will speak at the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley this Tuesday evening, March 12, where he will explain How Conservatives Could Own the Culture If They’d Just Stop Complaining About it.

Before my conversation with Rob, you can listen to my rant about what Jonah Goldberg calls the “New Aristocracy”, — where I added up all the VICTIMS in the Intersectionality Movement made popular by such luminary personalities as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

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