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Reimagineamerica Radio Hour July 22

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Last weekend, my Reimagineamerica blog editor sent me an email suggesting that a good topic for the near future would be to try to define patriotism in our current time.

I printed out several definitions and posted them around the office.  I’d attach a couple of little yellow sticky thought clouds to each during the week but

On Wednesday evening and Thursday morning the news of Senator John McCain’s unfortunate brain cancer diagnosis and his reaction to the grim news provide the definition we need for this time –

  • Country before self
  • Service before self

The perfect definition of patriotism — an example for us all.

My prayers are with this American hero and patriot and his family.

In the News This Week:

  • It may surprise you to know its “Made in America Week”
  • NAFTA renegotiation is about to begin
  • The grinding noise you hear is GOP efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare hitting the garbage disposal
  • “Medicare for all” would jam up the garbage disposal forever
  • Jamie Dimon summarizes the Washington dilemma and offers us a path to the future



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