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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – July 22 #metoo and how we move forward

In business — it’s axiomatic that for every action (a client takes) there will be an opposite reaction –

It’s no different with social and political phenomenon like #metoo

A recent NBC News Survey found that #metoo has changed not just the power dynamic between men and women in the work place but, also, how men and women act in the work place and after hours. The changes have been dramatic – with significant consequences –

One survey comment (in particular) caught my attention – remember this is the respondent’s colorful language – not mine.

“I am a woman and # metoo has screwed me. In Silicon Valley it is really hard to get time with VC’s (Venture Capitalists), so you do what you have to. A lot of times that would be meeting them at a bar in the evening …. It is good networking and that is how I got my initial seed funding.

“But now no one wants to meet with a woman under 40. Even in the office they won’t be alone with you. I am a big girl and I don’t need this patriarchal assumption that anything might upset me and make me bring a law suit.”

Here to help us understand the “reaction” to #metoo

  • what’s happening
  • why it’s happening
  • what are the consequences
  • and where to we go from here

—– are Anne Marie Malecha and Josh Culling. Anne Marie and Josh are partners at Dezenhall Resources in Washington, DC.

They counsel corporations and high profile individuals on high stakes communications and advocacy efforts.

Dezenhall is a public affairs and crisis management firm that counsels corporations, trade associations and high profile individuals facing intense scrutiny from media, government, competitors or activists.

Graphic Courtesy of WomenontheFence.Com

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