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I hope that MSNBC’s Brian Williams will not mind if I borrow little of his opening monologue from last Monday night — because it fits so well with what we need to talk about this morning –

“Day 908 of the Trump Administration

While there is no joy in it – one way of summing up today is this:

  • Our government is broken
  • Our politics are broken
  • Washington is no longer functional
  • And the cracks in our society are deepening

An assessment borne out —

In the Numbers This Week

Polling numbers: A You Gov poll on Wednesday that found respondents split 48% yes to 48% no – on the question

  • Generally speaking, do you think it’s appropriate or inappropriate to say to people “if you don’t like how things are in the U.S. you can leave?
  • The other 4% probably would have saidt “yes” but thought that was not the politically correct thing to say —
    • Because all pollsters know the easiest thing to say is NO

And on Friday — Another poll by Quinnipiac found respondents less divided 54 yes to 42 no on the question:

  • Did Trump attempt to obstruct justice
  • The same 4% feared their answer would be politically incorrect!

And therein lies both the gut level political “evil genius” of Donald Trump and another nail in the coffin of the Republican Party

  • Not that I think the conservative movement in this center right country is dying – the opposite is probably true
  • But the branding of the party – in the minds of the public – those who will cast ballots in 2020, 2024, 2026 et al —- the branding is – well — politically incorrect – maybe fatally so!

50 years ago – the United States of America put a man on the moon from a standing start in less than a decade. Could we do that again today? Could all of us unite around such a common goal today?

  • I don’t think so
  • That makes us vulnerable internally and globally

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