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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – JANUARY 29 – What Does Government Shutdown Mean?

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The federal government shutdown on Friday, January 26,2018, when Congressional Democrats refused to support a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open until September 30. The Democrats declared they would not support a Continuing Resolution if it didn’t include a “DACA Fix”.

The government reopened on Monday after Congressional Democrats realized that were getting a plurality of the blame from the public.

  • They were shocked to discover – that while 80% of voters approve of finding a solution to the DACA problem —
    • 57% thought it wasn’t worth a government shutdown
  • A government shutdown means
    • IRS tax refunds stop being processed
    • Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid applications stop being processed
    • Veterans benefits applications stop being processed
    • FHA home loan applications stop being processed
    • FDA and Agricultural food inspections stop
    • Imported goods stack up in ports when there is no customs personnel to inspect and process ships
    • Passport processing stops
    • National Parks are closed
    • And the military personnel in the field don’t get paid
      • But members of Congress and their staffs do continue to get paid!
  • The bad news is that this continuing resolution only extends to February 8

No one can blame you if you are confused by why the Budget Resolution passed last October wasn’t enough to fund the government for the year –

Or why if there is a budget resolution there is still a need for a series of Continuing Resolutions. If you click on the podcast – I’ll explain!


Why is Chief of Staff John Kelly at the center of DACA negotiations? It used to be his job (as Commander of US Southern Command) to stop illegal drugs.

Attorney General of California Javier Becerra plans to fine California employers for cooperating with INS and E-Verify!

As promised – some comparative numbers on the 2018 tax reform. Corporations are making out well but the rich are going to be pay more – I did the math!


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