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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – January 27 and February 3 Listener Responses

Our guest today is Eric Early, 2018 candidate for California Attorney General. The only practicing attorney in the race.

Mr. Early’s candidacy was based on his belief that Californians deserve an ATTORNEY General who wants to do the job he/she was elected to do. Californians deserve a real attorney, and not a politician masquerading as an attorney, to do the job.

Eric’s was a citizen candidacy. He is the managing partner at Early Sullivan. He and six of his partners were just recognized among the top lawyers in the nation in the 2019 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, one of the oldest and most distinguished peer reviewed guides to the legal profession.


250,000 votes were “harvested” by Democrats in Orange County on Election Day 2018 –

  • Listeners will remember that Democrats in the US House of Representatives refused to seat a Republican elected in North Carolina over claims of “ballot harvesting”
  • And immediately seated three newly elected Democrats from Orange County who victories can be tracked directly back to the same technique
  • What is Ballot Harvesting
    • Shockingly, it is only legal in California
    • What does it mean to the concept of one person, one vote
    • What can we do about it?

1.5 M inactive voters in Los Angeles County, alone

  • That is more inactive voters on the rolls than the estimated number of eligible voters in the County
  • Judicial Watch has successfully sued Los Angeles County and the California Secretary of State to clean up LA voters roles
    • Will Democrat Alex Padilla conduct the required audit?
    • Will LA County clean up their voter rolls?
    • What does this mean for the other major metropolitan counties in California?

Plus, what is “implicit bias training” in our public schools?

  • Who is doing the training and why?
    • Truly, you’ve got hear this to believe it!
  • Why are Santa Barbara County parents filing suit against the Santa Barbara School Board to stop this program?

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