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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – January 14: Fire and Fury=Boring

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Listener “Antonio” called-in to talk about DACA. It was a spirited 20 minute conversation you will want to listen to!


As I promised last Sunday, I sacrificed myself — reading Fire and Fury from cover to cover – so you won’t have to.

Amazon asked for a review on Thursday – BORING! Save your $14.00 – the price of the e-book version.

Michael Wolfe is definitely more a National Inquirer reporter than a Washington Post reporter.

There is a thread of truth in the book —

  • This is the ultimate Accidental President –
    • The first time someone ran for the Presidency while promising those closest to him not to win
    • Thus, they were unprepared for the next steps – i.e. the transition, building a cabinet and a solid policy playbook
  • Donald Trump is boorish, impetuous, mercurial, narcissistic, undisciplined, incurious, adverse to reading, disloyal, and prone to listening not to the best advice but to the last person who gets his ear.
    • I didn’t need to read the book to figure out any of this – all any of us have to do is to follow the daily news –
      • Watch an hour, each, of Bret Baier’s Fox Special Report
        • And Brian Williams MSNBC 11th Hour and
      • You’ll reach the conclusion that all of these characteristics exist
        • plus a thin-skin and a deep-seated insecurity about himself and the legitimacy of his Presidency
    • But none of this makes him either crazy or delusional
      • Or — as Joe Scarborough likes to poke him with – exhibiting the early stages of dementia
      • Nope – this set of personality characteristics just make him ill-suited to the job the people of the United States entrusted him with!
  • The Bottom-line: 57 percent of respondents to this week Quinnipiac Poll said President Trump is “unfit for the Presidency”.


The President used a bi-partisan meeting on DACA to demonstrate he was in charge – of a first grade classroom, perhaps?

So far – there is no deal on DACA – especially after the President’s outburst on Thursday – after which Lindsey Graham’s “big brother” John McCain – must have texted – I told you so!!

The House of Representatives reauthorized Section 702 of the Patriot Act just after the President’s “special advisers” on Fox and Friends nearly torpedoed it through the marvels of early morning television!

  • Yes, Judge Napolitano, there is a balance between keeping the Homeland Safe and some small measure of personal privacy.
  • Libertarianism is not a synonym for patriotism in the 21st century

North and South Korea met for direct talks for first time in more than two years. The North assures the South their nukes are not aimed at Seoul only the U.S.

  • And Hawaiians plus visitors are awakened to ballistic missile warnings –

Listener “Antonio” called-in to talk about DACA. It was a spirited 20 minute conversation, you will want to listen to!


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