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It’s President’s Weekend and the President is at Mar O Lago – playing golf

Our conversation with Eric Early is still in Facebook jail but you can listen to it and listener responses at and click on Radio Hour Tab

I’ve had both emails and conversations that jumped off from the original conversation and the listener feedback – that are troubling.

Those comments only serve to stiffen my resolve to continue to explore the topics of diversity and disunity and to resist the attempts to paint all people by the color of their skin or the language they speak rather than the content of their character!

If you want to see a good, entertaining movie that illustrates how faith in one another, in each other, in people you come into contact with can break down the stereotypes – go see the movie Upside.


Is There Really a National Emergency: What’s really in the Budget Deal President Trump signed and how at least some of it got there

$7 Trillion dollars – that’s what proponents tell us Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal would cost. Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to the Green New Deal Resolution – “green new dream or whatever” is correct. Someone dreamt up that number!

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