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Elon Musk showed NASA how to get RESULTS on Tuesday with the successful launch of the FalconHeavy Rocket that is carrying Musk’s roadster into deep space orbit.

Musk proved that the private sector is better, quicker, smarter –

    • Musk spent $90 Million to launch the largest rocket EVER
    • The USA pays the Russians $50 Million to take one American astronaut to the International Space Ship – built by NASA
    • And Musk was able to land two Falcon Rockets perfectly –
      • Reuse will make space travel affordable and possible
  • And yes, he will earn back his $90 million investment in carrying cargo and astronauts to the Space Station and beyond
    • Moon
    • Mars
  • NASA and Space-X
    • This is how a public/private partnership would work

And it is important to note:

  • Musk is an immigrant (South African)
  • Musk employs 6000 people at Space X – Los Angeles, California
  • He employs 30,000 more people at Tesla plants and Solar Panel Plants
    • California
    • Nevada
    • New York

Growing the American economy with creativity, discipline and patriotism! Why can’t our government get this concept – even when the example is right in front of them?


Anna Eschoo, my Congress person, conducted a telephone town hall this week – in which she said that infrastructure renewal was important but can’t be done with private investment –

I really like Anna, I believe her intentions are good, but I beg to differ –

  • Space-X’s existence and success belies her argument
  • Further, she talked about building bridges etc.. creating American jobs because they are made of American steel
    • Wrong, the new Bay Bridge was built with Chinese Steel

Congratulate Congress on negotiating the outlines of a two year budget deal.

  • The problem is the deal will add a total of $300 Billion to the baseline budget of the United States.

The consequence is an annual deficit of nearly $1 Trillion starting in 2018 and continuing as far as the eye can see.

Not even lip service given to a discussing when and how to begin to develop a plan to get control of our out-of-control spending and entitlement obligations

Presidential Parades – now the oft-used comparison of President Trump’s behavior to the Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale – The Emperor’s New Clothes becomes way to close to reality!

Is the Border Wall that separates California from Mexico an environmental hazard –

  • You remember U.S. District Court’s Gonzalo Curiel?
    • Trump University
    • Could he be fair because he was “Mexican”
  • Well, the Judge – who has an excellent reputation as a fair, serious, and scholarly
    • Started hearing a class last Friday that pits the State of California and environmentalists against Dept. of Homeland Security and the “wall”

And speaking of borders – the ACLU is now requesting that INS provide records of all transportation inspections they’ve conduct in Maine.

  • Polling tells us American people believe in border controls
  • But the far left doesn’t seem to agree

DACA Debate begins in the Senate this week



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