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On this eve of Xmas Eve!

Silly me, I thought this was going to be a slow news week —

In the Numbers This Week:

380,000 Federal Workers Furloughed – and 450,000 Federal Workers are required to work this week, but don’t know when they will get paid – two days before Xmas. About 25 percent of the total US government is shutdown over $5.7 Billion out of $4 Trillion 2018-2019 Federal Budget! That’s a rounding error in the Federal Budget. Does this make sense, is it fair? Will it achieve the President’s goal of a southern border wall?

5 – that’s the number of bad days the Trump Administration had this week – mostly of the President’s own making. Policy by Twitter sometimes comes at a cost.

9 years of age – that’s the average age of a homeless person in the United States. 1.5 million children are homeless at any given moment in the United States

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