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Reimagineamerica Radio Hour August 5

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You and I should expect results from our government that improve our daily lives, the national economy and national security.

But we are not getting them.

As long as that is true, we as citizens, need to think and talk about why Congress and the last several administrations have not been able to work together to modernize existing — and develop new — programs that serve the greater good of the greater many of Americans?  Programs that unite instead of dividing us.

If you are keeping score:

  • Tax Reform — there’s no plan
  • Infrastructure — there’s no plan
  • Deficit Control — there’s no plan
  • Entitlement Reform — there’s no plan
  • Immigration Reform — ICE can’t do it alone

In the News This Week

  • Can General John Kelly turn around the Trump Presidency?
  • Will the Democrats run in 2018 on a single issue platform — Impeachment?
  • How can the Dow Jones Average Soar Past 22000 while tens of thousands of Americans line up hoping for $11.00/hr jobs in Amazon Warehouses?
  • Americans have long acknowledged two things in life were certain:  death and taxes.  In 2017 we’ve added debating access to health care until it kills us!
  • Immigration Reform Bills land in the Senate — and blow up in the White House Daily Press Briefing
  • And on the local front, Los Gatos Town Council capitulates to British Developers.  Common Sense is not common in Silicon Valley — it’s culturally insensitive!



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