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REIMAGINEAMERICA RADIO HOUR – August 26 – Thoughts on the Passing of John McCain

A few words on the passing of Senator John Sidney McCain.

If it had only been a Vietnam War Hero – he would be an American hero.

But the Senator went from his service in the US Navy to 30 years of service to our men and women in uniform as Senator from Arizona.

He fought for Native Americans – who are too often overlooked by larger American society.

He fought for a safe and sane immigration system.

He stood on principle – even when that was a lonely place to be.

He was a thinker, a historian, a thinker, a writer.

What says more about Senator McCain that he has asked the two men who kept him from his ultimate ambition to eulogize him?

He lived and died “in love with his country” and his “family”.

But so much of the social media commentary made me wonder what has happened to the America I thought I knew? The America I thought I lived in –

  • A nation of compassion
  • A nation that respects service over self
  • A nation able to hold its heroes in its arms when they most need it

The outpouring of venom, hatred, bullying, and just plain lying as a good and decent man lies on his death bed has shocked me –

  • For its content
  • For its flights of fancy
  • For its downright meanness

My radio engineer, Vince Tocce, and I discuss our reaction to the social media controversies –

Lesser Men in the News

It was not good week for the President’s friends:

  • 8 Guilty Verdicts — could have been worse but one for one juror – i.e. 18 guilty verdicts
  • 8 Guilty Pleas – and that doesn’t count the State of New York’s inquiry into the
  • 2 Immunity Deals
  • And thousands of pages of evidence submitted to Judge in Second Manafort Trial

10% — that’s all the FBI resources devoted to white collar crime

84 – the number of unauthorized web-sites Microsoft has detected and destroyed in two years

0 – the number of Russian intelligence sources still talking to the US intelligence services in advance of the November election – oh, oh

2 – the number of Republican Congress members who are claiming Trump appointed US Attorneys of “political witch hunts” –

67 – the threshold for impeachment — “forget about it”

Graphic courtesy of CBS News

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