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REIMAGINEAMERICA.ORG – Aug. 12 – How Your Congressmen Spent Summer Vacation

By the Numbers

17 Fires are Burning in California today –

  • Experts say more are caused by human behavior than climate change —
  • but that’s going to be a topic to explore with some experts in the weeks to come –
  • today we all must take a moment to think of those who have been lost, those who have lost their homes – everything
  • and the 14,000 men and women from local, state and federal fire services, the US military, Australian and New Zealand fire fighters and even some volunteer state felons
  • who are on the lines trying to bring containment and safety to those in harms way!

11 Point Registration Advantage in Ohio slips to .08 of 1 percent – not just an opps, it is a warning shot for the GOP(T) majority.

2 Congressmen – 2 Very different summer vacations

  • Devin Nunes and Conspiracy Theories
  • Jeff Denham holds a Job Fair


$800K is chump change to NY Congressman Chris Collins – why risk jail?

  • More than an Ethics Investigation
  • What is credible answer to allowing pharmaceutical investor to write laws governing pharmaceutical companies?
    • You are correct — there isn’t one!!

Next week, tune in to enjoy an open ended conversation with Craig Robert’s, the host of KFAX Lifeline Show.

We are going to talk about

  • 43% of Republican voters think President Trump should be able to suppress the Press
  • Only 57% of Milennials believe democracy is important – down 30% from their parents’ generation – why do they feel that way and what does it mean?
  • “Propaganda makes it possible for minority ideas to become effective more quickly.”

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