Washington Hyper-Ventilating Over Olympic Uniforms LOLF

Watching political leaders from both parties hyper-ventilate over US Olympic Team uniforms made in China was LOLF (laugh out loud funny)!!

When was the last time one of these politicians actually looked at the care instructions tag on a garment they purchased and/or wore?

  • Reimagine America’s own team has spied Barbara Boxer at the Ellen Tracy Prime Outlet store in Napa.
    • There’s not a single garment in that store that was made in the USA!!!
  • John Boehner’s ties are probably similarly labeled?
  • What about Michelle Obama’s “J Crew” outfits?

The US Olympic Committee and Ralph Lauren Inc. reactions to the breaking ABC News report about uniforms made in China creates a reasonable assumption that –

  • 2008 USA Summer Olympics uniforms made a return trip in the luggage of our athletes?
    • How about 2010?
      • Or, yes, even 2002?

I see clearly, in my mind’s eye,  the evening news reporting on the closing down of one US clothing manufacturer after another – because they could not compete with products made in China and Mexico –

  • What I can’t remember is whether that was during the Carter Administration or Reagan’s –

The political narrative, embraced by the Clinton Administration and continued past the Dot Com Bust and even into the Bush Administration,  was that it was a good thing that the US was outsourcing manufacturing.

  • Weren’t there boundless future economic opportunities?
    • 1st the “knowledge economy”
    • More recently the  “service economy” –

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in economics to understand that argument was wrong in 1980, 1990, 2000, and in 2010 –

  • Buying Chinese goods, or Chilean fruit,  to sell to American consumers exports dollars.
  • When those dollars stop circulating in the USA, it actually shrinks our economy.

That’s not rocket science, its Economics 1A!

Since 2010, it has become common place for our politicians to offer platitudes about “made in America”.

  • Usually followed by platitudes about growing US “exports”.
  • Without making the connection to the 70% of the US economy that is consumption –

The fastest way to grow jobs in America is to keep US dollars circulating in the US economy!

  • American consumers “buying American”  –

Americans demanding American made goods that can compete globally is real patriotism – the kind you can take to the bank!


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