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Vote with Your Business Sense

Over my long corporate career, I became infamous for conducting stress interviews when selecting new employees.

By stress, I mean conducting interviews that are largely made up of scenario questions. Scenario questions describe a situation and ask the candidate how they would deal with it.

Scenario interviews accomplish three things.

  • Test the applicant’s skills: Can the candidate demonstrate with his/her response that they done what they claim on the resume – actually done the work, not just read the book.
  • Test the applicant’s temperament: Can he/she think quickly “on their feet” to address something they didn’t expect and couldn’t prepare for?
  • Test the applicant’s judgment: How does the applicant deal with ambiguity i.e. address the “what if”(s)?


Make a Smart Hiring Decision With Your Vote

I don’t use this method because I want to be mean or because I like to “trip-up” applicants. On the contrary, I use this method because I want to make a smart hire. I want the new employee to succeed.

I’ve watched the dozen or more 2016 Democratic and Republican debates with the same frame of reference.

When you vote, you are part of a hiring decision.

If you want better government you’ve got to make smart hiring (voting) decisions. You’ve got to pay close attention — see through the smokescreen of wishful thinking and anger. You’ve got to vote with your eyes wide open!

After what I have seen to date, I am not sure I want to hire any of the remaining two Democratic or six Republican candidates. Their responses to questions from debate moderators, Sunday talk show hosts and others in the news media either demonstrate a lack of in-depth knowledge about their campaign issues – rendering them too dumb to be President — or suggest they are lying to seduce voters?

Sadly, taking their answers at face value and accepting their dare to “go to my website” – which I have – leads me to believe too often it’s the latter.

Fairy Dust Campaign Promises

Here is Episode One of fairy dust campaign promises – offering just a few highlights – i.e. the 5 biggest whoppers.

In the next few posts I’ll take these major issues and others on in detail

1. Taxes

It is just not honest to conflate the upper 1% of income tax payers with billionaires. The average gross taxable income of the 1% in 2014 income tax filings was approximately $435K — that’s $999,565,000 short of a billion.

A flat tax of 10 percent or 15 percent would not eliminate the IRS. The IRS’s function is to COLLECT the tax. Congress sets the rates and determines the credits and deductions.

The government depends on businesses to be a TAX COLLECTOR. Increased taxes on banks, for example, will result in higher fees, more expensive mortgages and car loans for all of us.

A flat tax would fall hardest on the 50% of filers who pay no income tax today but do pay a payroll tax. Instead of a $3400 bite for payroll taxes that guarantee the payee Social Security and Medicare under existing law, the flat tax would be from $4000 to $6000 without a guarantee of a Social Safety Network – because the money would be directed to the General Fund instead of the “Social Security Trust Fund”.

2. Trade Policy and Jobs

From its infancy – from even before the rebellion against British rule – the United States of America has been a trading nation.

Until the passage of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution creating the Federal Income Tax, the chief source of revenue to the national government were excise taxes on trade.

What changed in the last quarter of the 20th century and accelerated in the 21st century was the outsourcing of too many manufacturing jobs to areas of the world where labor cost less.

No candidate has uttered the phrase “Made in America” during the debates!

Buying American makes American jobs!

3.  Comprehensive Immigration Reform

No American President is going to deport 11 million illegal/ undocumented aliens.

Building a wall along the Mexican border will not stop illegal immigration.

More than half of the illegal immigrants to the U.S, entered legally as tourists or guest workers and just stayed or entered through Canada – where the border is twice as long and lightly secured.

President George W. Bush proposed comprehensive immigration reform in 2006, Senator Ted Kennedy wrote a bill in 2007, and a Democratic Congress did not pass it.

Immigration Reform is an effective wedge political issue for both Democrats and Republicans.

4. The Golden Rule

There are several very public examples of one campaign going beyond innuendo and telling outright lies about another candidate’s record or policy positions.

The Wisconsin Democratic Debate and the Republican South Carolina Debate were both mean and nasty.

Why don’t coveted evangelical voters take “do onto others have you would have them do onto you” into account when choosing a candidate?

5. Political Revolution

Political Revolution sounds so Constitutional and small doesn’t it?

But let’s not forget that the American Revolution was political, as were the French and Russian Revolutions.

There’s a HUGE difference between political evolution and political revolution.

More about the difference between equal opportunity and democratic socialism in Episode Two of campaign fairy dust.


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