Stop Excessive Federal Employee Travel Expenses

Reports of excessive government employee spending on their own travel expenses have become a weekly tax payer outrage –

  • GSA’s Las Vegas and Nashville Conferences
  • DOJ’s $16 Breakfast Muffins
  • VA’s $5M Orlando HR Conferences.

A day after the VA report comes, a 90 page investigative report from the Pentagon detailing lavish spending by Army General William Ward, his wife and staff.

Followed only hours later, by another report detailing partisan campaign activities carried out by career federal employees

  • in federal offices
  • during normal work hours
  • using federal government equipment
  • to engage in partisan campaigning.

It’s impossible to conclude anything except that this type of abuse – is standard operating procedure for the entire federal government.

While each of this instances involves only millions of dollars; when it’s all tallied up it probably amounts to billions of dollars of employee fraud, waste and abuse on an annual basis!

And it has to stop NOW.

Tax payers should not hold President Obama responsible for these revelations.

But tax payers should hold the President responsible for addressing the issue forcefully and immediately.

The President should immediately issue an Executive Order covering all all federal departments and agencies ordering an immediate halt to all federal employee travel expenses that are not 100% compliant with GSA standard government travel guidelines.

No CEO of any public or private company confronted with the same evidence could avoid taking decisive action without losing his/her job!

  • In the private sector travel expenses are scrutinized and all exceptions to standards are addressed –
    • usually by the employee attaching a personal check to the expense report covering any and all personal and non-standard expenses.

It is irresponsible to ask tax payers to dig deeper, pay more, “sacrifice”  – to enrich the lifestyles of the

  • few
  • corrupt
  • unaccountable and
  • unchallenged

government employees!

Please call, tweet, or write the White House and urge the President to put an immediate government-wide stop to excessive, expensive federal employee travel

  • at all levels
  • and in all circumstances.

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