Scandal at GSA Just Keeps Growing –

The scandal at GSA (General Services Administration) just keeps growing —

  • First, a $823K Las Vegas Conference
    • Resignation of GSA Chief
    • Triggered a wider investigation by their Inspector General

More recently, another “whistle blower” drew attention to a one-day $270K Crystal Springs, Virginia, Conference

    • To celebrate $3.6M in bonuses awarded to employee attendees.

That was enough to arouse the sleeping beast of Congressional outrage —

But not enough to chasten the GSA –

I remember vividly my own first visit to Opryland –

  • The anti-bellum southern decor
  • The FANTASTIC fried chicken
  • The FABULOUS rock-a-billy nightclub

What I don’t remember so well is my invited presentation or the conference –

Which leads me to wonder –

  • not just in this current period of uncertainty and austerity –

Is it ever appropriate for any government agency to spend tax payer money on lavish trips?

But especially the GSA? Who’s mission is to ensure that the federal government gets the best goods and services at lowest possible price.

  • Shouldn’t GSA’s own spending be a reflection of that mission?
  • What does it say about Congress and the last two administrations that GSA spending wasn’t tracked until a concerned employee “blew the whistle” ?

While Congressional hearings are a welcome way to expose the GSA scandal to the disinfectant of sunlight –there’s no need for new legislation.

Rather, this week’s hearing makes clear the need for a dose of common sense at GSA.

As well as more assertive management by the Executive Branch.

  • Immediate
  • Responsible
  • Ethical
  • Modest
  • Measurable
  • And, yes, accountable?



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