Presidential Campaign Or Street Fight?

Are we having a Presidential Campaign or a bare knuckles street fight?

Its hard to tell these days –

I wonder if most Americans wouldn’t just vote NO – if they could – on the prospect that either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be President of the United States for the next four years!!!!!

Presidential politics is not “bean bag” to quote Senator (and 2008 Presidential Candidate)John McCain.

But it isn’t mud wrestling either – 

Is this really the best America can do about these pivotal moment in our national history?

Charges and counter charges –

  • Mitt Romney is a felon
  • Barack Obama is a liar

Just stop it —

The lack of movement in the polls is a pretty good indicator that no one is listening to you any way? 

The American voter is just plain scared silly —-

  • We may not fully comprehend the so-called the “fiscal cliff” Congress is teetering on but we figure it is going to cost us
    • More in taxes
    • Or few jobs
    • Or both —-
  • We get that the majority of our largest states are technically bankrupt but we don’t know how to solve the problem –

Meanwhile you two just dance around the political boxing ring while the media scores the match on low blows and pointless jabs.

Where is the leadership, the PLAN that makes

  • Forward or
  • Restore

more than just a cheap slogan?

We’re not paying attention because if you had a PLAN – we know — you would have shared it —

Or, better yet, Mr. President – you’d be in Washington with your sleeves rolled up working with Congress to make government work for US —

  • Your current contract with the American people runs through January
  • And ruling by Executive Order to poke Congress in the eye is more King George than George Washington –

As for you, Mr. Romney –

  • Follow your father’s example and release 12 years of taxes —
    • Which, just conveniently, excludes all your active years at Bain Capital
  • And speaking of the last dozen years –
    • Exactly how has your business experience illuminated or influenced your public policy work
      • Olympics
      • Governor of Massachusetts
      • And where is that all illusive PLAN TO RESTORE AMERICA

In the meantime, could someone please change the channel to the Olympics??



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