National Debt Crisis: Congressional Extremes = Problem not Solution

Who is more responsible for the stalemate in Washington – the irresponsible idealogs elected to Congress last November or the voters who sent them there?

Short of having sent a budget to Congress last February that embraced instead of stiff-arming his own Deficit Commission, the President in now on board.  The President acknowledged Friday morning that a Debt Ceiling increase will be tied to spending cut triggers and that Congress will drive the process of reforming both entitlements and taxes.

The TEA Party has made its point and now is the time to do the business of the American people.  Men and women of good will, working together,  must come together and figure out how America can meet its obligations to both creditors and citizens.

  • Americans are all going to have to sacrifice.
    • It is irresponsible of the AARP to scare seniors –
    • Tax reform is overdue – businesses and individuals all have to pay their fair share, but the purpose of taxation is neither punishment nor satisfaction of envy
    • Fixing Medicare must be a predicate to moving forward on Obama Care not a competition
  • Americans have to invest in our future
    • Pell Grants are an investment not an expense
    • Building roads and bridges moves commerce while, simultaneously, creating jobs and generating tax revenue
    • Consumers need to make conscious decisions to spend their money where it will create more jobs by creating demand for American made goods and services.  That is how we get the economic engine going –
  • Americans voted, last November, to restore checks and balances in our government.  Checks and balance force compromise not capitulation.
    • TEA Party members have over read their mandate
    • TEA Party members don’t seem to understand either civics or math
    • Democrats cannot escape responsibility by denouncing Republican budgets as long as Democrats remain unwilling to craft alternative budgets –  as has been the case for the last two years

And then there is Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin – .  Our founding fathers are sitting around the table in their heavenly pub and congratulating themselves.   “See, that’s why we didn’t give women the vote” – “let alone let them run for President.”

It is irresponsible for a candidate for President to declare “I will not vote to raise the debt limit”.  Someone with so little grasp of the Federal Budget clearly cannot be taken seriously.

The 2012 election is the stage on which we must debate and create a Plan to Restore 21st Century American Prosperity through both Innovation and Disciplined Stewardship.

The time for debating the past is past.  The National Debt will, of necessity, grow because of the decisions of earlier Congresses.   The choice is stark and it is urgent.

  • Congress can either take the lessons of history forward toward a smaller and more efficient government or
  • It can risk a calamity the puts at question the future of this historic 224 year experiment in representative democracy.

2 thoughts on “National Debt Crisis: Congressional Extremes = Problem not Solution

  1. Steve Dawson

    If only party primaries were open to all…. the hold of the extremes (left and right) would be broken, as candidates would have to appeal to the real electorate, not just true believers and pledge signers.

    And while we’re at it…. place responsibility for drawing congress district boundaries into the hands of bipartisan, professional organizations. The UK’s Boundary Commission is a good example, and California took a brave few first steps with Proposition 11 in 2008.

    Political dysfunction can only be broken by systemic changes.

    1. reimagineamerica Post author

      Steve –

      I SO agree with you –

      We will see whether the California experiment in open primaries makes some headway –. It will not work if we don’t get beyond 30 second sound-bite politics — and voters don’t care enough to demand more –

      I had great hopes for the Redistricting Commission when I voted for it. It has been hijacked by partisans and activists from “communities of interest” — which will just send us back to the ballot — continuing the dysfunction — for as long as another decade!!!

      Unfortunately, the California Open Primary does not extend to Presidential primaries. There is building momentum for an Independent alternative in 2012. I am not sure how we could get that alternative on the California ballot under the existing legislation –?? Its a conversation worth having as we get a clearer understanding of our choices.

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your feedback and hope that I will hear from you again –



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