Health Care Melodrama

Nancy Pelosi promised that if Congress passed the 2010 Health Care Reform Bill we, the taxpayers, would get to see what is in it.

Well, now we are beginning to see what is in it and, as importantly, what is NOT in it — the ah has and the opps –.

This bill will play out in the lives of every American over time.  Some times we will be scared by what we learn, sometimes we will be pleased, and some times we are going to just plain laugh outloud and exclaim “what were they thinking?”

Its those last nuggets that you will find here, at Reimagineamerica” — playing monthly.    The analogy that keeps coming back to me is that it is going to be like an early “talkie” movie — Charlie Chaplin, slipping and sliding or Pauline (the Perils of Pauline) tied to the railroad tracks.

We just aren’t going to know until the last reel whether there is a happy ending or not.  I hope you will stay tuned to find out.

Employer-Based Health Insurance May Be A Goner, after all –  May 21,2010


According to the Wall Street Journal, big employers are doing the math and many big companies may decide it is cheaper to drop their employee health insurance programs and pay the $2000 fine.

The $44K  Cash ”Doctor Fix” 5/27/2010


According to industry sources, next year, doctors in private practice will be rewarded with $44,000 just for “trying” an electronic health care record —