David Axelrod: Stay In Chicago Headquarters Until Election Day

David Axelrod should do Barack Obama a big favor between now and Election Day– stay in Chicago and off television.

Every time Mr. Axelrod appears on TV he reminds voters of two things:

  • Hope and Change was just catchy jingle – not a strategy
  • President Obama is not a transformational figure – but a Chicago politician – imbued with all that phrase means –

Mr. Axelrod, despite his tax payer funded title,”Senior Adviser to the President” from 2009 to 2011, is a political strategist.

He gets paid to win campaigns and he has been successful –

  • President and Senator Obama
  • Governor Duval Patrick (Mass)
  • Governor Elliot Spitzer (NY) –
  • Congressman Rahm Emanuel
  • Mayor Richard Daley

But campaigning is not governing.

John Heilemann, co-author of Game Change, writing in New York Magazine, claims the 2008 Obama campaign, steered by Mr. Axelrod,  was the “most negative” ever and warns that Mr. Axelrod has spent millions of dollars readying an even more negative campaign for Fall 2012 –

Governor Romney’s record at Bain Capital and as Governor of Massachusetts are fair game, but Mr. Axelrod’s presentation is

  • selective
  • punitive
  • loaded with half-truths and innuendo
  • each word focus-grouped and poll tested to inflame with either
    • resentment
    • or fear
    • among micro-targeted sub-groups of voters.

Similarly, a defense of President Obama’s performance over the last 3 plus years is, also, fair game.

But I find it very troubling that only the politician, Axelrod, is trusted with the defense of the Obama first term record.

Where are the Obama Cabinet members?

Where is the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense explaining to the American people, on the Sunday talk shows or the morning network news programs, the Obama First Term Scorecard?

No excuses, just the facts –

  • The successes
  • The mistakes
  • The incompletes
  • The inherited and completed
  • The inherited and still incomplete?

And, most importantly, what is the Plan for the Second Term?

At a time when the nation is at a crossroads; this election must be a contest of positive ideas and possibilities rather than fear and suspicion?

President Obama and Governor Romney are both, sadly, thoroughly flawed candidates.

Still, the perpetuation of political oversimplification and mediocrity is Mr. Axelrod’s most serious offense  –

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