Arrogant Public Sector Union Behavior Is So 20th Century –

The arrogance of public sector unions – on full display across the country this week – is so 20th century!

At a time when every penny of tax payer money matters – just to meet the basic business of government:

  • public safety
  • social safety net
  • infrastructure maintenance
  • education –

the public sector unions have decided to “double down” on keeping their outsized wage, benefit and retirement prerogatives.

While the 2011 melee in the Wisconsin State House, remains in a class by itself — the spirit behind it is not isolated.

AFSCME and the SEIU plus Federation of Teachers and police unions appear completely “tone deaf” to the angst of most voters.

  • During the last decade the average middle class voter has had their career derailed and retirement dreams swept away or postponed.
  • Many are one more property tax increase away from losing their homes.

Voters across the country demonstrated this week that they do understand the facts – regardless of the media spin –

  • Public employees are not paid less than their private sector counter parts –
  • New Jersey teachers, among the best paid, in the country paid $0 – not one penny – for health care coverage for themselves and their dependents until Governor Christy forced them to contribute 2% of salary to this benefit –
  • Wisconsin employees were not stripped of all collective bargaining rights but, rather,  bargaining for benefits and pension.
    • Consolidation of all teachers into one benefit plan reduced costs and avoided layoffs
  • When public employee retirement funds are underfunded because of poor investment planning, the tax payer is on the hook for 100% of the shortfall –
  • Union bosses, routinely, preserve their own benefits by negotiating away the jobs of their younger, often better trained,  members
    • teachers
    • fire fighters
    • police
    • and others
      • So much for brotherhood and fraternity –
  • Reform plans that only apply to new hires will not begin to solve the problem until 2043.
    • Can your city’s pot holes wait that long for repair?
    • Or your children’s education?

AFSCME and others would better serve their members by following the example of the United Auto Workers (UAW).

The UAW, Ford and GM, learned that a 21st century model of concession and collaboration saved more jobs, more benefits and more retirements than did costly confrontation –

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